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– JP Kumawat

Eat light, digestive power enhancing and nutritious food in dinner. Include vegetables, pulses, other protein-rich foods, and fruits.

Reduce the intake of excessive fried food, spicy or spicy food, junk food, foods containing excess sugar and refined flour.

You can consume fresh fruits in dinner. They are rich in nutrients and aid digestion.

Include pulses and vegetables like moong, lentils, toor, gram, and natural and healthy ingredients like spinach, cabbage, gourd, tomato, and capsicum.

Determine the dosage according to the person's age, weight, and physical activity, taking into account his nutritional needs. Do not eat large amounts of food.

Avoid sleeping immediately after meals. Walk or sit for some time after meals, and do not eat too much fried, spicy, and spicy food.

Drink equal amount of water before and after dinner. Excess of water does not result in good digestion of food.

Eat between 3 to 4 meals a day according to the person's physical activities and nutritional needs. Maintain proper time gap between meals.

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