know why not to reuse plastic water bottles know its reason 

– JP Kumawat

The main reason for not reusing plastic water bottles is that they can release plastic chemicals into the body.

Reused plastic bottles carry the risk of bacteria and dirt, which can affect health.

Reusing plastic bottles is a major cause of pollution as it leads to water pollution.

Plastic bottles placed on the ground can affect sound and intelligence, especially in summer.

Reusing plastic increases the risk of viral infections and other health problems.

Reusing plastic bottles poses a risk of toxic chemicals accumulating in the body, which can cause various diseases.

Reusing recycled plastics can lead to leaching of unhealthy chemicals into water, which is harmful to health.

The combination of chemicals left behind in reused plastic bottles can affect health, especially for children.

Various potential health and environmental problems can be avoided by not reusing plastic bottles from time to time.