Wellhealthorganic.com: Red Chilli Benefits And Side Effects

– JP Kumawat

Consuming red chilli increases energy consumption in the body, helps in controlling blood pressure, reduces cholesterol.

Excessive consumption of red chilli can cause burning sensation, acidity, stomach problems, or pain in the intestines.

Red chilli contains an element called capsaicin which increases the body's metabolism and can help in weight loss.

Consuming red chili helps improve heart health, such as controlling blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

Before consuming red chilli in maximum quantity, consult a doctor and get advice from him about the right way to consume it.

Due to the spiciness of red chilli, some people may suffer from vomiting and nausea.

Consuming capsaicin in red chili may help reduce cholesterol levels.

Due to the element called capsaicin present in red chilli, it stimulates the mouth and kills bacteria.

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