Ayurvedic remedies to strengthen brain memory

– JP Kumawat

The brain is a unique organ that controls our entire body. It controls our ability to think, understand, and remember.

Brahmi is an ancient and prominent Ayurvedic herb that helps in enhancing the brain capacity. It can be consumed by mixing it with lemon juice.

Shankhapushpi is also a Brahmi herb that helps in keeping the brain healthy. Its extract or powder can be consumed with hot milk.

Amla Brahmi is a good method with eclipse. It contains high amount of Vitamin C, which is very useful for brain health.

Yoga and Pranayam are also very useful for increasing brain power. Regular yoga and pranayam provide more oxygen to the brain, which improves its circulation.

Walnuts contain rich amounts of vitamins and minerals which are beneficial for the brain. Consuming it improves brain power and memory.

It is important to consume Ayurvedic remedies regularly and in the right quantity. This provides complete benefits and any possible side effects can be avoided.

Meditation and pranayam provide peace and stability to the brain, which can strengthen the memory.

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