Which is better, Drinking Protein or Eating Protein

– JP Kumawat

Protein plays an important role in our physical development and muscle building. It provides us with energy and is an essential building block for optimal health.

Drinking protein is a protein shake that is in the form of a protein supplement, while eating protein is in the form of protein food.

It depends on your goals and requirements. If you need quick protein, drinking protein may be suitable.

Eating protein often has more nutrition, because it is balanced with other nutrients that promote your physical health.

Meat, eggs, milk products, pulses, soy products, and nuts are good sources of protein.

Periodic intake of protein can be beneficial, especially before and after exercise, as it helps in muscle building and immediate recovery.

Excessive consumption of protein may cause stomach ache or gas problem to some people.

Apart from this, excessive protein intake for a long period of time may also have some other side effects.

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