Dolly ki tapri vs MBA chai wala | Dolly chaiwala bill gates | Networth

– JP Kumawat

Dolly Chaiwala has gained popularity on social media for her unique way of making and selling tea

People like Dolly's stylish clothes and way of serving tea.

Dolly's total assets are Rs 10 lakh. His daily earning is between Rs 2450-3500.

People were surprised when Bill Gates was seen in Dolly's video. Not only this, Bill Gates also made a reel with him.

The real name of the famous Dolly Chaiwala is Sunil Patil. Dolly Chaiwala is a resident of Nagpur, Maharashtra.

Dolly Chaiwala has used a unique approach to making and selling tea over the last few decades.

Dolly Chaiwala comes from an ordinary home. He was born in 1998. He has millions of followers on Instagram.

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